Other Instruments

Medieval Lute in D

This large 5 course medieval lute is loosely based on the picture in Cantigas de Santa Maria. It is made of walnut and figured maple.

Pitch: d or e, String length: 71 cm

Medieval Citole

Although citoles were originally made with carved bodies, this specimen is made in modern style with bent sides out of figured birch, and boxwood fittings and fingerboard, including the frets.

Pitch: a', String length: 51 cm

5c Medieval Lute

Medieval lute for playing with a plectrum or fingerstyle. Own design based on historical paintings.

Pitch: g', String length: 59.5 cm

4-5c Guittern

The body of this instrument is carved from a single piece of wood. The floating bridge is best suited for playing with a plectrum, but a guittern can also be made with a glued-on bridge for fingerstyle playing. Inlays and black&white edge banding extra.

Pitch: a', String length: 52 cm

Colascione, own design

String length 86 cm, tuned C'FAd. This specimen was made in 2013. Can be made with 3-6 strings and in various tunings, mensurs and decorative options.

Pitch: d, String length: 86 cm


Alto viola da gamba

Based on a viol by Henry Jaye. Maple with inlays and carving on the back of the pegbox. The fingerboard and tailpiece are veneered with cherry and ebony. Made in 2010.

Francis Palmer Orpharion

Made of walnut and figured maple like the original, which has 9 courses and metal fan frets. Can also be made with a straight bridge and frets, and fewer courses. Different head carvings available.

Pitch: g, String length: 52 - 60 cm

Gothic Harp, 16th century

Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nürnberg MI59