Baroque Lutes

11c lute in f', Hans Frei

A small 11 course baroque lute. The original Hans Frei lute probably started life as a 6c renaissance lute, but in its current condition it is a conversion to 11 courses, as below

Pitch: f, String length: 65 cm

11c lute in f', Laux Mahler

Medium-sized baroque lute, can also be built as a 10 course renaissance lute

Pitch: f, String length: 65-70 cm

11c or 13c lute in e'-f', Hoffmann

A deep-bodied baroque lute that can be built with 11 courses, or with 13 courses with a short extension (bass-rider), or with 13 courses with long extension (swan neck).

Pitch: e' or f', String length: 70 cm


Hear the 11c Hoffmann, played by Arto Wikla:

Leopold Widhalm, Nürnberg 1755

Germanisches Nationalmuseum MIR903. German swan neck type, 72-74cm & 99cm with 13 courses, tuning in a=415Hz. Elegent inlays on fingerboard and pierced design on the pegboxes. Due to its long string length, this lute is probably meant to be strung in D-minor tuning without the top f-string, as what is called a German theorbo.