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Prices include VAT of 24%, which is only applicable to EU customers. Please contact me by lauri at niskanenlutes dot com or use the form at the bottom of the page if you would like to purchase one of these instruments.

7c Venere in Padauk

Business in the front, party in the back. A Christmas party perhaps? This 7 course renaissance lute built of Padauk wood comes with a case by RCH and is strung in nylgut. 2680 € (taxless price for customers outside the EU: 2160 €)

Pitch: g', String length: 58.5 cm

4c Renaissance Guitar

Based on the body shape of Belchior Dias from 1581. Four courses tuned in modern a' with a string length of 53cm. Made of gorgeous figured alder in 2011, the guitar has been regularly played yet is in good condition. This guitar has proved very easy to play, as a solo instrument and for strummed accompaniment likewise, with a comfortable string heigth of 3mm at the 10th fret. 1900 € (no VAT: 1532 €).

Treble viola da gamba

Based on a Treble viol by Henry Jaye I, London, early 17th century. 6 strings, string length 40cm, tuned in d'. Maple with double line inlays and a decorative carving on the back of the pegbox. The fingerboard and tailpiece are veneered with cherry and ebony. There are 12 gut frets on the neck, strung in gut with a demifilé 5th string and silver overwound 6th string. Made in 2010. Comes with a snakewood bow and an RCH case. Has been played quite a lot, but is as good as new. Asking 2650 € (no VAT: 2137 €).

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