Niskanen Lutes Online Store

Lute pegs, rosette patterns, plans and kits for a whole new way to build a lute form? It's all here, in the Niskanen Lutes Online Store.

Looking for lutes? They are always custom made: Click here to go back to the main Niskanen Lutes web page for some lute eye candy. You can contact me directly at lauri (at)

Tuning Pegs for lutes, baroque guitars etc

I make pegs to order. I use pear wood for all my pegs due to its dimensional stability, durability and tight grain. The pegs can be delivered as unfinished blanks, fully shaped, or fully shaped and varnished. If you would like a different model than the ones I have listed, please contact me by email. Click here for pegs.

Rosette plans and parchment rosettes

These plans are very detailed, idealized and cleaned up versions of historical lute rosettes. They are delivered as PDF files with 0.1 mm line width. The diameter is given for each rosette so you can scale the print to the size you want. They are vector drawings, so you can scale them up to the size of a football field without loss of detail. Click here for rosette plans.

I also make parchment rosettes in reindeer skin parchment or "vegan parchment", which is water color paper soaked in shellac.

Foamcore lute body forms

A quick, accurate way of making the lute form that I developed for my own use, available as plans or kits. The form is made of thin plywood and filled with polyurethane expanding insulation foam, which results in a light but accurate form. Click here for mold plans.

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