Renaissance Lutes

The models can be made with any number of courses, and I am happy to extend my range of renaissance lutes to whatever historical model you would like to have copied. My recommendations for 10c lutes are the Frei (see below), Dieffopruchar and Mahler lutes, due to the bass strings requiring a longer string length and a larger body to sound out well. Therefore 10c lutes are best built with a mensur of around 65 cm and tuned in f', although I'm happy to build with a shorter string length too.

6-10c lute in e-f#', Hans Frei

With 6-10 courses, suitable for all renaissance repertoire depending on number of courses. This versatile lute can also be built as an 11c baroque lute.

Pitch: f#, String length: 62 cm


Georg Gerle 6c

Georg Gerle (1520-1591) renaissance lute with 6 courses and 11 ribs. The original is made of ivory, the instrument below is made of padauk.

Pitch: g' (a=415Hz), String length: 60 cm

6-8c lute in g', Vendelio Venere

With 7 courses, suitable for most renaissance repertoire. There are also other sizes of lutes for consort playing by the same maker, if you like the idea of a matching set.

Pitch: g, String length: 58.5 cm


This is what the customer had to say about this model after half a year of playing:

I am really enjoying it! ... The tone is really first-rate: clear, full, and surprisingly loud. I remain deeply impressed by the sheer beauty of the instrument, a testament to your fine craftsmanship. - David Krupka, Toronto, Canada

6-7c lute in a', own design

Suitable for playing early renaissance lute and vihuela repertoire. Even big stretches (think Francesco da Milano) are easy for the left hand due to the short string length of 54 cm.

Pitch: a, String length: 54 cm

Here you can hear this lute played by Timo Peedu:

6-7c lute in b-c', Vendelio Venere 1580

With 6-7 courses, suitable for renaissance consort music. There are also other sizes of lutes for consort playing by Venere, if you like the idea of a matching set.

Pitch: c, String length: 44 cm

10c lute in f', Dieffopruchar 1612

This large-bodied instrument has enough power even for continuo, but is well suited for late renaissance solo repertoire.

Pitch: f, String length: 65 cm

Hear this lute played by Arto Wikla, a piece with a very fitting title:

6-11c lute in f', Laux Mahler

Medium sized renaissance lute, works with a variety of number of courses.

Pitch: e to f#, String length: 63-67 cm

Railich 12c

The Railich model is a good fit for small archlutes and 12c lutes with short string lengths as the wide body has enough space for a wide bridge.

Pitch: g', String length: 58 cm

12c lute in f' or e', Laux Mahler

A Large late renaissance lute of the type seen in Dutch paintings, to be tuned in all kinds of experimental tunings, or just plain old renaissance tuning.

Pitch: e' or f', String length: 69.5 cm